Hey guys, this is my first blog entry. (Yayyy!) So, here is a brief and short background about the author. I’m a Filipina, I live in Chicago and I am (blank) years old. I love to read and write. I used to write for Wattpad, but I want to set my mind to blogging instead because my style of writing is mostly in an expression form of some sort. Some other hobbies of mine include odd things such as event planning, cooking, cleaning (I know, a lot of people hate cleaning.), singing, and sewing. But, writing and telling stories is my passion. So, I thought about “vlogging” but then, I was all like “That’s gonna be hard. My face is not supposed to be in front of the lens.”


So, I think on this blog, I’m just going to write about everything and anything (for now.)


You wanna hear a short story? Ok, so for my 8th grade trip, my class and I got to go to Washington D.C for free. Yasss! Turn up on the bus going there! Well when we got there, we went to many sites. Such as; Arlington National Cemetery, The MLK Memorial, and the WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq War Memorials, etc. So, my class and I were walking through Arlington National Cemetery. This cemetery is the biggest in the U.S. and the best one as well. The special cemetery that honors soldiers. My class and I were not the only people there. There were people from all across the walks of life. From kids from China to Europe, it just so happened that Arlington was a mixing pot of races at the time. I was walking up a hill with my friend, Valli. I’m 5 foot 1 inch and she is not even 4 foot 7 inches. We were extremely short and still are. There was another group of students from California that drove to Washington D.C. They were in high school at the time. This tall, hot, breath taking, white guy comes up to me. Out of all of the tall, skinny beauties that were in my class, this guy comes up to me. I swear, I can hear my classmates mouth’s drop to the ground. It wasn’t even funny. (Well it was. Because, I got game!!!)


So he is standing in front of me. Like 2 feet. I look over his shoulder and he looks at me.


“Hey, my name is Josh. What’s your’s?”


“JLean.” I swear, my heart is skipping beats at that moment.


“You seem like a cool person, by the way that I saw you making your friends laugh so hard a few moments ago.” He tells me, obviously watching all of my expressions.


“Yeah, its a gift and a curse. But, thanks though.” I tell him as he looks over his shoulder.


“Hey, I have to go. But here’s my number. What’s your name on Facebook?” He questions while handing me a sheet of paper and scribbling his number on it.


“My name is…Oh shit. I don’t have a pen on me.” I respond politely.


“Here, write it on my arm.” He tells me while forcing the pen into my hand. Gosh, he really wants to get to know me.


“Fine.” I say while writing my name onto his arm.


“Okay, it was nice to meet you, JLean!” He yells as he jogs away.


“OH MAH GAWD!” I hear Valli yell behind me.


“Oh shut up!” I tell her while blushing.

So, you like what you read. Follow my blog, follow me. I just started, so yeah. Its going to be good. I can feel it.