I think that love is way overrated. I mean like if you find it, then you find it, but other than that, you don’t find anything at all. It simply just means that you HAVE to wait, I mean, I’ve had all of my chances at love. I’ve met them all. The jocks, the jerks, the sweethearts, the ones that don’t really care because all that they want to do is play around with a girl’s hearts. Like that song by Christina Perri, Jar of Hearts. Or all of those songs by Taylor Swift. For some reason, love and breaking up is all what songs are about these days. What happened to the songs that were about a chair? I don’t even know. Its weird. Very strange.

So, back to this Josh guy.

Later that night in my hotel room.

“Ok, Valli, I’m going to check my Facebook.” For those who don’t know, Valli is my best friend that was there when this scene at the cemetery all went down with this guy.

“Oh shit, I have to watch this all go down though.” She tells me while brushing her teeth as I log onto Facebook on my Macbook Pro.

“I have a friend request! OMG ITS HIM!!!” I yell the second I logged on.

“Accept his ass, hes sexy as fuck.”

“I just did. Omg, he just sent me a message.” I could not believe what I was seeing.

“Read it!!!” Valli yells.

“OK. Calm your balls.” I tell her. “It says, ‘You’re JLean right? We met at Arlington this afternoon. My name is Josh. Do you remember me?’ I can hear his voice in this message, aww, he sounds cute.”

“You idiot, yes, he is cute. What are you even thinking? RESPOND!” Valli says while nearly blowing my ears out.

“What should I say though?” I ask her.

“Move!” She then pushes me out of the way of MY laptop and starts typing away.

“Oh mah gawd! Valli, what did you say?” I demand.

“Read it for yourself.”

“Fine. ‘Hey Josh. Yes I do remember you. My name is JLean, and I’m from Chicago. What about you?’ Are you freaking serious Valli?”

“Wut, I’m helping you.” Oh mah gawd, this chick is gonna give me a heart attack. Please come to my funeral people.