So this Josh guy is not guy for me. I found out that he was a junior in high school at the time while I was still in 8th grade. My friend Valli, told me that I had plenty of ‘game’ because I was able to pick up guys that were older than me. Yes, I guess that I do. Okay, maybe I was too young for love at the time, but hey, it don’t mean that it hurts to try. (lol, I’m not gonna be a hoe. Don’t worry.) What I’m saying is that love has to be tried. I’m mean like, nothing will come to you unless you get up off your lazy ass and get it. (I swear.) Even if you did go and get it, if you get judged/hated on/laughed at, just remember that, if you don’t want to get criticized in your life then don’t even do stuff in your life at all. Heck yeah, I thought that this Josh guy was cute. With his tall stature, broad shoulders, blond hair, and freckles but, just but, maybe he was totally not worth it.

You wanna know what I learned today, it sometimes sucks to have your boyfriend go to the same school as you. 

Long story short, girl and guy that I know. They are dating and are in a “serious” relationship. *koff koff and raises eyebrows* (Hold up, they told me that they are in a “serious” relationship, and yet, the guy still goes around and talks to other girls, hugs other chicks, and buys other girls food while his “girl” is hungry out of her mind? Oh hell nah, that shit do not roll with me. I could have just told her, “You’re his side chick and I hope that you have realized this.” Anywho…?) They are sucking face in the middle of the hallway. Yes, the freaking middle of the hallway! Principal comes around and stops them. Makes them march into his office (Ok, I know that this is sounding creepy. Like the principal wants to get with them if you know what I mean. lol.) annnnd, he calls both of their parents. Principal makes sure that all of the classes that they have together are switched. But, I think that he is taking this way out of proportion. Principal makes sure that ALL of the classes are switched and that their lunch periods are switched and that ALL of their classes are on different sides of the building. Maybe he thinks that this will stop them from seeing each other? I don’t know what is wrong with that principal. I think he has something for the girl in that relationship. Who knows? I most certainly don’t.

Ok, lesson here is that, don’t make out and suck your boy’s face in the middle of the hallway and try to get away with it, and don’t stick around with a player. 

That’s all for now lovlies, I’ll update every other day.

Love you gals and guys for all of the support.