Recently, there have been a lot of people (mostly guys) asking for my advice on the topic of love. Most of these guys are teenagers and I bet that some of them have barely hit puberty. Here are some questions that they have asked me.


Q- How do I ask a girl out?

A- You ask her if she wants to go somewhere with you. My first date was to the movies. Just make sure that she does not pay for the date. Since you are the guy, you must pay for it yourself. Especially if it is the first date.


Q- I’ve been talking to this girl for about half a year. But, what do I say if she says that she wants to talk to my best friend and that she wants to go out with him?

A- First of all, she might just be talking to you because she just wants to get closer to your friend. Second, how come you have never put a move on her before? Third, you should tell her how you feel about her. Lastly, if you can’t think about at least three legit reasons of why you might want to get to know her better, then you are better off without her. I know that I’m hitting a low blow at the moment and I’m sorry.


Q- What should I talk about with a girl on the first date?

A- Don’t talk about religion, politics, news, opinions, etc. Don’t ask her what she does specifically as a job, where she lives, does she have kids, etc. If she seems to shrug off a question, then just move onto another question. If she wants to play 20 Questions, then let her. Tell her about your life as a child, the places that you have been throughout your life. What food you like, talk about the weather.

Q- How do I go through a breakup?

A- For some reason, guys have everything so much damn easier. From bodily issues, to hair, to clothes, even break ups. So, guys all have a different way of going through a breakup. My brother for instance, cried himself to sleep the first night, and woke up the next day sticking his face into a tub of ice cream. The next week, he was a new man. But, other people might have different approaches to recovery. My cousin for instance, joined the military. You know, from my perspective, you can just try to talk to her if she broke up with you. If you broke up with her, then well you should not be the one that needs to be comforted. It all depends. When you breakup with someone, you should do the things that make you happy.


Q- I’m in a love triangle. What do I do?

A- If you are in competition with another guy over a girl, then it is up to the girl. If two girls are in competition over you, well then, you are a lucky guy. If it is two girls over you, get to know both of them without them knowing and choose which one seems to impress you the most. If you are in competition with another guy. Then, try to get closer to the girl and impress her. Just remember that it is the little actions that lead to something big. Like, giving a few dollars to a homeless man, walking her home, picking up her books if they drop in the hallway, dressing nicely. Things like that. You can’t just buy love.